Nissan Maxima Interior Features

Here at Empire Littleton Nissan, we are proud to include the Nissan Maxima as part of our collection of popular luxury sports sedans. With an abundance of luxury interior features, the designers of the Maxima were able to successfully create a vehicle that has a truly unique experience.

The interior of the Nissan Maxima was designed to be unparalleled in terms of comfort and convenience. The seats are made of one of two materials, either premium leather or Italian Alcantara, which is something that typically is only used in expensive high-performance vehicles. One feature that is standard on some models is active noise cancellation, which actively works to negate the sound coming from the engine, making it possible to enjoy a quieter ride than many other vehicles.

Does the Nissan Maxima sound like the right vehicle for you? If so, then come on down to our dealership, which is located conveniently in Littleton, and we would be glad to get you set up with a test drive.



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